Last year, my team and I at Unit9 did this wild theatrical thing for the movie's launch at places like the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood and The Osaka Hotel in New York. This design was the initial project Under the Creative Direction of Lu Te-Hsing & Carlos Ramirez, all 3D developed on Cinema 4D + Redshift.
Now, in my downtime, I decided to mess around with Unreal Engine. I had this crazy idea to recreate a scene from Cinema4D entirely in Unreal Engine 5.3. At first, I was just trying to grab the main shapes from Cinema4D, but you know how it goes. I ended up in a full-on wrestling match with Unreal and its modeling tools. It turned into a personal challenge to see what I could learn about modeling possibilities in Unreal. Honestly, I can't say it's not possible to use Unreal as a modeling tool—it's just that I got a bit lazy and threw in some models from Quixel and trees from my stash.​​​​​​​
This whole process took about six weeks. I was deep into learning about metahumans, collisions, composition, basic material handling, sequences, and rendering. Shoutout to my partners in crime, Lu Te-Hsing "Creative Director", and Carlos Ramirez, "Art Director" — they were there with me at the start of this crazy ride.
This project wasn't just about copying a scene; it was a full-blown exploration of what Unreal Engine could do. Every hiccup turned into a lesson, and now, after this rollercoaster of six weeks, I'm stoked to share the result with you. Dive into this visual journey with me, where every challenge became a stepping stone in this awesome learning experience. Cheers! 🚀
Massive thanks to my amazing team at Unit9 America for letting me be part of incredible projects like this.

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